Growth Hacking Asia – Growth Hacking Trainings and Consulting

Growth Hacking Asia is a team of passionate entrepreneurs that possess extensive experience in startup marketing and growth hacking. Our goal is to disrupt and reshape the Asian startup ecosystem by equipping Asian entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to grow into regional and global success stories. In order to achieve our goal we have :

GH Consulting

We work closely with startup and corporate teams to co-develop their growth strategies. This includes auditing existing growth performance and conceptualising experiments to run along the lean marketing funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue) to identify company specific growth drivers that can then be scaled further achieve real long-term growth.

GH Academy

Our goal is to train and educate 20,000+ entrepreneurs across SEA by 2020. We conduct hands-on entrepreneurship & growth hacking programs for startup teams to equip them with the skills required to achieve real business growth. Trainings range from intensive half day sessions to 2 months bootcamps that cover all aspects of the lean marketing funnel.

Growth Hacking

GROWTH HACKING IS AN EXPERIMENT AND DATA DRIVEN APPROACH TO DIGITAL MARKETING AND ONLINE PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION. It describes a scientific experimentation process that allows you to grow your user base sustainably at low cost by optimising user acquisition channels, maximizing conversions, retaining customers and leveraging the power of referrals to unlock virality.


anna rehermann gha

Anna Rehermann

amol ghemud, growth hacking asia

Amol Ghemud

Senior Growth Hacker
nidesh maskey, growth hacking asia, country manager nepal

Nidesh Maskey

Country Manager Nepal
kyrie canille growth hacking asia

Kyrie Canille

Regional Training and Event Executive
sky chew gha square

Sky Chew

Tech Lead
cels cardona, growth hacking asia

Cels Cardona

Growth Hacker
duc duy ngyuen, growth hacking asia

Duc Duy Nguyen

Country Manger (Vietnam)
Abi Travers, growth hacking asia

Abi Travers

Growth Hacker in Residence
Annette GHA

Annette Lim

Country Manager (Singapore)
vipul saini, growth hacking asia

Vipul Saini

Regional Growth Hacking Lead
Daryl Li

Daryl Li

Advisor (Singapore)
gregory figuereo, country manager thailand

Gregory Figuereo

Chief Strategy Officer
Julie Fernanda Garcia, growth hacking asia

Julie Garcia

Growth Hacker
Aaron Hedstrom-Wiggins, growth hacking asia

Aaron Hedstrom-Wiggins

Regional Training Program and Event Manager

The process

We analyse and optimise all stages of the Growth Hacking Funnel

  • acquisition

    Test out different user acquisition channels and scale the best performing ones.

  • Activation

    Design to maximise conversion of visitors into active users.

  • Retention

    Tactics to pull users back to your product and ensure frequent usage.

  • Referral

    Mechanisms that incentivise users to share about a product with their friends.

  • Revenue

    Strategies to upsell/downsell users to maximise revenue.


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