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Minimum Viable Analytics – The Mobile Growth Stack

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”: Peter Drucker

All too often, in an effort to be ‘data driven’, teams fall into one or more of the following traps:

  • Tracking the wrong things, or not tracking things in enough detail, leading to data that is not providing actionable insight
  • Tracking everything possible, without a plan on how to leverage it, knowing that it might be useful at some point. This can lead to code bloat, over-use of network connection in the app and potentially wasted dev cycles implementing or updating redundant tracking
  • Failing to effectively structure and process the data that is collected, leading to a mounting heap of unused or surplus analytics data that fails to add value
  • Analysis paralysis: spending tons of time slicing and dicing data, but failing to act on it (often exacerbated by unstructured or surplus data)
  • Failing to keep analytics up to date with new product updates, leading to data which does not reflect product usage accurately

Source: Minimum Viable Analytics – The Mobile Growth Stack

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