How incremental design changes can improve the seller experience to drive listing growth & engagement

When moving apartments in Singapore I tried Carousell, a Southeast Asian peer-to-peer marketplace similar to Letgo (US) & Mercari (Japan). I was instantly impressed with the ability to monetize my unwanted belongings with speed and simplicity. Every sale felt like I was getting free money since the other alternatives were 1) letting items collect dust at home or 2) donating / throwing them away. From then on, I used Carousell extensively to buy used items for my new flat and later to sell most of my belongings when I left Singapore (adding $5000 to my bank account).

Source: Carousell: a Guerilla UX Case Study –

Technology and people are continuously evolving and there is a need for addressing their changing needs and demands. User Experience, or UX, is that part of a designer’s responsibility to address these changing trends in designing the internet and the way we interact with it on a daily basis. Products are developed with an intention to make a piece of work easily achievable for the end user. But these end-user products also have to address the way they are designed to function. A great interface is the one which makes your user comfortable while using it and also makes the entire task joyful. The job of the User Experience designer is to make the user browse through the entire product and be engaged with the product. A million users with no activity on the product don’t make any sense.

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