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There’s undoubtedly widespread interest in growth hacking among startups and young companies as a new way of acquiring traffic with non-conventional methods that try to fit within the informational noise around the Internet.

Probably you read about big companies that did one brilliant thing that left the gates with traffic opened. It’s a pity that when you try to copy them, most of the times they just don’t work for your product.

I tried many of those “surefire techniques” that ought to take the traffic we get to another level. Some of them brought some results, but most of them didn’t. Personally, I don’t believe in growth hacking, because…


Your growth can’t be hacked, it has to be built and in the most of occasions – it takes time. There are no shortcuts, sorry!


If you’re looking for another technique that you could add to your list of growth hacking tricks, you won’t find one here. Instead, I’d like to give you one solid advice that will help you grow your product from the very beginning…


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