Email marketers, I’ve got some good news and bad news for you. Let’s start with the encouraging news: according to new data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing, the average email open rate (currently 16.1%) has registered a 9% year-over-year increase and a 3% increase over the last two years. So congrats, your subscribers want to open your marketing messages!

Triggered emails are a highly effective way to build a relationship with subscribers and boost engagement.


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Your email list is your biggest asset!

Michael Hyatt, the “intentional leadership” author has built a multimillion-dollar business on the strength of his email list (115,000 and counting).

According to him and other industry experts, list building is the key to a regal online presence.

But list building often annoys people.

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email marketing, customer successAbout a year ago I shared my super top-secret way to automate personal emails more effectively – called the “Customer Success bot” method – with the awesome folks on my mailing list. Since then, I’ve come up with several new uses for this framework that have proven to be incredibly effective I’ve shared those below that go far beyond just the welcome email that started all of this.

Now some people will wonder why I share these things publicly when they’re obviously incredibly valuable – and make no mistake, they are INCREDIBLY valuable – but releasing them publicly won’t diminish that value.And personally, putting these things out there for the world to see just forces me to get even more creative to stay ahead of the pack. But first, let me give you a little context…

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how to grow email list

Zero readers, zero fans, zero subscribers, zero dollars.

Starting from zero can be daunting for a lot of people.

I was there only a few months ago. I started my blog on July 7.

At that time, I made growing my email list my #1 focus. Period.

In the 5 months since the launch of my blog I’ve grow my list from zero to 1,634 subscribers. Today, I’m going to show you how to do exactly the same. This 6,000 word case study will walk you step-by-step….click-by-click…through every tactic I used to grow my list. I’ll also reveal the simple post-conversion funnel I use to drive social engagement and instantly connect with my subscribers. Let’s jump in!

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email marketing best practices, growth hacking

Welcome emails are the Daryl Dixon of lifecycle email marketing. Soft-spoken, sometimes overlooked yet always kicking ass.

The success of your onboarding flow relies heavily on the first few touches. The welcome email should be actionable, informative and clear. The examples in this post cover a range of approaches. Some might work great for your business, other might not. Testing, as always, is highly encouraged.


The Purpose of Welcome Emails

One important thing to remember about welcome emails is that open and click rates are the wrong metrics to measure. Of course, you’ll want to tweak subject lines and body copy to maximize impact but the real purpose the welcome email is to move users through your onboarding process. The next step, depending on your software, blog, store, etc. could be encouraging users to complete their profile, download something, read your docs or something else entirely. Whatever that step is, it must deliver value.

The metric to measure is the conversion rate. How many people took the step you asked them to take?

With this in mind, let’s dive into the examples…

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13 Marketing Tools for Data-Driven Marketers

Today’s marketer needs lots of data to make smart decisions to drive growth. The problem is, valuable data is hard to get without coding skills.

If you ever want to know which content drives sales, which lifecycle emails convert users into customers, or which incentive in your referral program actually works, you need the right tools to do the job.

Here are 13 tools that will help data-driven marketers do a better job without bothering their programmers…

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Email is an often overlooked growth hacking tool. But if done right, you can see huge gains in user acquisition, user retention, and user engagement. These are all important to a growth hacker. Unfortunately, just shooting off any email won’t work. It has to be perfectly timed and super relevant users. The only way to do this, without spending hours a day manually emailing each user, is by using trigger-based emails.

Trigger whaat?!

Trigger-based emails are personalized emails that are sent to your users automatically, based on what they do in your app. For instance, when someone becomes a new user, you can set up an email to go out to them a few minutes after they join, welcoming them to your site.

But what does this have to do with growth hacking? EVERYTHING.

You can use these perfectly timed, personalized emails to get your users to do something. This could be referring other users, downloading the mobile version of your web app, or anything else clever you can think of.

So now that we understand the power of trigger-based emails, how do we use them?

Here’s four emails you can use set up in just a few minutes to start getting more users and retaining the ones you have.

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