I hope you didn’t miss the Salesforce.com Dreamforce keynote this week in San Francisco.

It’s probably the most entertaining 2 hours you’ll spend in the enterprise technology business all year.  I realize that’s a pretty low bar.  But there were cultural singers, luxury boats, the Beach Boys, skintight lighting suits, and Coke-delivery drones — you had to be there.  It’s basically what would happen if Kanye West decided to get into cloud computing.

Amidst all of this mania, many of us in the customer success management world noticed that Salesforce.com now refers to itself as “the Customer Success Platform.”

My first reaction was, “Oh no — customer success is going the way of cloud computing and big data.”  In other words, we used the buzzword so much that we finally killed it.

But then I realized that what’s really happening is customer success is overloaded — meaning we’re using the same phrase to mean five different things…

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